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Work from hometown, Various options in work style

Technology Department Ⅱ, Technology Management Unit,
Technology Business Division
Joined the company in 2017

New technology, New work style, and New challenges

Q. How did you come to Silicon Studio and how did you start your remote work?

I worked at a game development company before. I was in charge of developing in-house tools and libraries as well as tech support for projects there. I wanted to more focus on technologies and was hungry for a new challenge. I have known about Silicon Studio since I was a student. I learned the company name and its business at CEDEC. I was sure they would allow me to try a new technical challenge. “CG is cool”. This feeling motivated me to become an engineer in the game industry. I studied CG in college. Especially, real time graphics was really challenging and fun. Game is the area you have to try if you want to master this technology. I thought that way.
Now, I am a lead engineer of the Enlighten team. I orchestrate this team and decide the direction of what to develop. I work from home in Fukuoka, which is located in the most southerly main island of Japan and distant from the Tokyo office.
I started discussing the possibility of working remotely and prepared for it before the WFH system started due to the coronavirus. My wife and I are both from the Fukuoka area, and our parents and relatives live there. When we found out that we were going to have a second baby, we thought it might be better for us to move back to our hometown. I went to talk with my boss. It was only a try for the first time, but he took it seriously for me and said “I think it is ok under such a condition”. I started consulting with people in various functions.
Devices and PC environment were not good enough in the beginning, so I experimented trials and errors. Response performance is critical in graphics. You need to have high level equipment for better productivity. I closely worked with the department in charge to discuss details and shared my idea. Now, I find little difficulties in most tasks.

Having more family time and fulfilling days in personal life leads to higher work productivity

Q. How is your remote work now?

I live in Fukuoka now. My time with family and relatives significantly increased. It is quite a big task to travel from the Tokyo area to Fukuoka with two children. We visited our parents only twice a year when we were in Tokyo, but now our parents and relatives can meet our children frequently and enjoy seeing how they grow, which is really good.
Fukuoka is a good place to live. We can have a better dwelling environment which is impossible in Tokyo. I have fulfilling days in personal life. Thanks to my good life-work balance, I can concentrate on my work.

What I concern is how to communicate with my team people. The other day, I went to Tokyo to have a meeting with my team. I realized how important to communicate with them in person is. Actually, while drawing charts and pictures on a white board, I realized the value of real time conversation. You have to admit communication couldn’t be enough via remote video conferences. We always discuss how we can improve and we are willing to implement new technologies. Chats or casual consultation is quite useful when you are out of idea, which is another concern. Someone is sitting next to you in the office and can chat quickly. That is not what remote workers can have.

How do you build up trustful relations with new team members?
That is another issue. New employees don’t know this company or Enlighten very well. Foreigners are not used to work in Japan. “Do I communicate well with them to let them understand our style?” “Any better way to help them?” I always talk to myself in order to educate and support them. I will try to find a better solution with my team people to keep good performance.

Want to contribute to the company by exercising my strength as a remote worker

Q. What do you want to do in the future?

I have zero commuting time now. Household tasks become easier. How I spend time with my family drastically changed. The good thing is that I am flexible when it comes to time.
If you fulfill your responsibility faithfully, you are worth to be evaluated just like the other people who work in the office. I believe my output quality becomes better thanks to my WFH environment and rich personal life.
I want to enrich Enlighten features so as to make it a more long-lasting useful tool. At the same time, I need to improve my skills accordingly to achieve that goal. I want to make use of my residency as well. I would like to approach companies in this area or join CEDEC + KYUSHU. This is what I can contribute.
I think I am the worker who is working from the farthest area in Japan. So, I would love to support any people who want to work remotely.

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