Employee Stories

“Get a job in the gaming industry in Japan”
Make your dream true

Technology Department Ⅱ, Technology Management Unit,
Technology Business Division
Joined the company in 2015

Want to work in game graphics in Japan

Q. What made you decide to work in Silicon Studio?

I am in charge of new feature development and proposals in the Enlighten team now.
I have been a big fun of Japanese game, animation and Manga since the elementary school. One of my dreams was to get a game related job, but I studied management at a college in China. I didn’t think of my future seriously at that time.
When I was a senior, I started thinking to come to Japan more seriously. Then, I started studying Japanese and entered a graduate school in Japan. I studied CG to work in a game company as an engineer, which was my dream. I came to Japan in 2013. Gaming industry in China was still in the early days at that time, and Japan was on the front line in technologies. I didn’t hesitate to work in Japan.
During my job-hunting activities, I searched gaming companies and had interviews. I even applied for the company which developed my favorite game. I wanted to work for that title. But. I came to think. if you want to work in game graphics, middleware development companies might be a better choice. Then I had an opportunity to watch the Mizuchi demo. I was impressed by its beauty. I learned Silicon Studio’s high-level techniques, so I applied.

Communicate with everyone, regardless of nationality

Q. What actually do you feel about working at Silicon Studio?

People are very kind. I feel comfortable talking with them. I had lived in Japan only for two years before I joined this company. My Japanese was not very good, but I kept talking with my colleagues every day, which helped me improve my language skills. I had enjoyed watching Japanese animation, so I knew a couple of words, but knowing and talking are two different things. Therefore, trying to speak with someone was essential for me to improve my language quality. Talking with my colleagues was precious time and very grateful.
They say Japanese companies are very hierarchical and severe, but probably not here. This company has a foreign firm atmosphere. You can frankly talk to your boss about what you think or what you want to do, which is good.
Since I was a new graduate, I thought it would be better for me to have more experience rather than directly to start working on game technologies. Since Silicon Studio is full of core businesses, every project is interesting and there are many things to learn. I was highly motivated. After gaining those rich experiences and thanks to its communication friendly environment, now I am in charge of the game graphics, my dream job.
This job is worthwhile and fulfilling. I am involved in Enlighten development and contribute to enhance the game quality. I can see my work in its game visuals. I am also involved in new feature development to decide the future of Enlighten. This middleware has been adopted by many games, which means I contribute to those game titles. I am really content with this fact.

I was surprised to find many foreign employees here. From Europe, Asia to Latin America, people come here from many different regions. Communication is very active. We talk about life in Japan in both English and Japanese. We go to dinner together to make the most of our less frequent meeting opportunity because of COVID-19. The other day, we went to dinner with 10 people from 10 different countries. A couple of people were talking to go to hot spicy Chinese food at first. Then more people joined. It became such a party. Some people came to Japan without families and they are hanging around together, which is very supportive.
I hope things go back to normal soon. I want to work in the office and go to lunch together again.

Its discretionary working system is another pleasant point. Our working hours is flexible. Parents are fully utilizing this system. They start working early and leave office early. I think various options in work style are allowed here. Very kind working environment.

Be brave and talk more

Q. What is your goal? Please give a message to the people who are thinking to work here.

My goal is to contribute more to the further growth of Enlighten. I want to work as hard as I can for further expansion and to compete with our rivals. Enlighten is mainly used in Japan and Europe, and not very popular in China yet. I want to approach companies in my country through support or sales and marketing.
You have to speak Japanese fluently to work at Japanese companies, which is difficult to achieve, but at Silicon Studio, it is ok if you speak English. You can improve your Japanese by talking to Japanese people more. I found my place by doing this. So, just try it. Be brave and talk more.

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