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Company Profile

Silicon Studio started as a dream to bring to life something that only existed in our wildest fantasies. In 2000, Silicon Graphics turned that dream into reality, and Silicon Studio dived into the world of cutting-edge digital entertainment.

Business Overview

Three Solutions in One Company
Technology Contents Teamwork

Silicon Studio has everything you need to make your dreams a reality. Our powerful creative services are divided into four cutting-edge studios, which provide everything you need to successfully create, develop, and launch your game into the world of entertainment.

The Board of Directors

CEO: Takehiko Terada
Chairman: Teruyasu Sekimoto
Director: Masato Imai

CEO: Takehiko Terada

Mr. Terada joined Silicon Graphics International Corporation Japan in 1996. In 2000, he played the central role in starting business of Silicon Studio Corporation, and set up Real-time Graphics R&D dept. to pursue leading-edge technology as a manager, an engineer. Mr. Terada was appointed as President in 2008, and created Original Game Development dept. He also intervenes actively in start-up business. Mr. Terada founded Matchlock Corporation as Middleware Developer in 2009. In 2010, he established CG production company, Ignis Imageworks Corp., and Game production company, Illinx Inc.

Chairman: Teruyasu Sekimoto

Mr. Sekimoto founded Silicon Graphics International Corporation Japan in 1987, and built management base as CEO. Subsequently he assumed the post of SVP in Silicon Graphics International Corporation, and contributed greatly to business expansion in Japan and Asia. In 2000, Mr. Sekimoto established Silicon Studio Corporation, and became President. He serves as Representative Director presently. Meanwhile, Mr. Sekimoto held several executive positions, including Mips Technologies Inc., Hitron Technologies Inc. and Tivo Inc. Japan.