Privacy Policy

Silicon Studio Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Our Company”) strictly operates and applies the following privacy policy to the handling of personal information.
This Privacy Policy shall not apply to the services of Our Company to which a different privacy policy applies.

1.Personal information obtained

Our Company will lawfully and properly handle personal information that it obtains to the extent necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose of use thereof. All employees of Our Company make efforts to strictly manage and use personal information with respect to the handling thereof, based on internal thoroughgoing information management (such as limited access rights, internal education, and awareness campaigns).

2.Purpose of acquisition and use

Our Company will use personal information only for the purposes that are clarified in advance upon acquisition thereof or within the scope of the purpose of use described below unless Our Company obtains the consent of the relevant individuals or exceptional handling thereof is permitted by laws and regulations.
  1. (1)personal information of customers
    provision of information related to products and services
    provision of service support related to products and services
    sending information about seminars, exhibitions, events and contests, and operation of those
    operation of prize competitions, campaigns and fairs
    planning, research and development of products
    access control to facilities of Our Company
    responding to inquiries
  2. (2)personal information of business partners
    conducting business negotiations and meetings, and communication on those
    provision of information and communicating with contact personnel of business partners
    implementation of business entrusted by business partners
    access control to facilities of Our Company
  3. (3)personal information provided by entrustor
    implementation of business entrusted by entrustor (development of softwares, provision of hosting services, system operation and maintenance)
  4. (4)personal information of shareholders
    exercise of rights or fulfillment of obligations by shareholders or Our Company under the Companies Act
    provision of services to shareholders
    management of shareholders and stocks such as data preparation, etc. pursuant to relevant laws and regulations
  5. (5)personal information of job applicants
    distribution of information to job applicants and other activities related to recruiting
    management of recruiting activities of Our Company

3.Provision of obtained information to third party

Our Company will properly manage the obtained user information and will not provide it to any third party without obtaining the relevant individuals' prior consent except:
  1. (1)where the relevant individuals give consent thereto in advance;
  2. (2)under laws;
  3. (3)where it is necessary to protect the life, body, or asset of any person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the relevant individuals;
  4. (4)where it is especially necessary for the promotion of better public health or sound development of juveniles and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the relevant individuals;
  5. (5)where Our Company needs to cooperate with any state organ or local public entity or any person entrusted thereby in performing services stipulated in laws and regulations and acquisition of the consent from the relevant individuals is likely to hinder the performance of the services; or
  6. (6)where the business of Our Company including provision of personal information is transferred due to a merger, company split, business transfer, etc.

4.Entrustment of obtained information

Our Company sometimes entrusts the handling of personal information to any third party to perform the services for the abovementioned purposes.
In such a case, Our Company will choose the entrustee after giving best consideration thereto on the condition that it has a high level of protection of personal information and, when entrusting the handling of personal information, will conclude a confidentiality agreement with the entrustee.
In the case where there is a possibility that the personal information is provided to any third party in addition to the case mentioned above, Our Company will notify the relevant individuals to that effect in advance. On this occasion, the relevant individuals may refuse disclosure of their personal information.

5.Correction and update of personal information

In the case where obtained personal information needs to be changed or added, the relevant individuals are requested to notify Our Company to that effect. Our Company will correct or update it. In this case, Our Company will identify the relevant individuals.

6.Respect for rights of individuals

Our Company shall respect the rights of individuals in the obtained personal information. In the case where the relevant individuals demand deletion thereof or refuse the use thereof, please communicate the contact point of Our Company by e-mail or telephone. Our Company will promptly take measures according to the demand.

7.Disclaimer of liability with respect to disclosure of personal information

Our Company will not disclose obtained personal information to any third party without the permission of the relevant individuals themselves in principle; provided, however, that in the case where Our Company is requested to disclose it by the national government, local public entities, courts, police, and other organs that have the authority under laws, ordinances, etc., as stipulated by any law, Our Company may disclose the information accordingly without the permission of the relevant individuals.

8.Proper management method and security of personal information

The website of Our Company adopts “VeriSign Securement Program” in order to handle obtained personal information in a safe manner. Communication information is protected against falsification and prying eyes by any third party by means of public key encryption communication. All employees of Our Company make efforts to strictly manage and use personal information with respect to the handling thereof based on internal thoroughgoing information management (such as limited access rights, internal education, and awareness campaigns).

9.Explanation of cookies

Cookies are a mechanism to store the data, such as usage history and entered contents transmitted and received between browsers and a server as a file in customers' computers, when customers use the webpage. In the case where the customers access the same page next time, the operator of the website is able to change the display screen on a customer-by-customer basis by using the cookie information. In the case where customers set their browsers to enable transmission and receipt of cookies, the website is able to obtain cookies from customers' browsers. Customers’ browsers transmit only the cookies transmitted and received by the server of the website for the purpose of privacy protection.

10.Setting of cookies

The setting of transmission and receipt of cookies may be chosen from among: “Permit all cookies,” “Refuse all cookies,” “Give notice to the user when cookies are received,” and the like. The setting method varies depending on the browsers. Please check the setting method of cookies by using the “help” menu of the browser. Please note that selection of the “Refuse all cookies” setting sometimes restricts the use of various kinds of services on the Internet such as services requiring authentication.

11.What Silicon Studio Corporation is doing by using cookies

Silicon Studio Corporation uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. (1)To become able to provide services customized on a customer-by-customer basis in reference to stored customer registration information when each customer logs in to the authentication services
  2. (2)To display the most appropriate advertisement on other companies' websites based on the contents in which the customer is interested and the status of his/her use of the website of Silicon Studio Corporation
  3. (3)To survey the number of users and traffic of the website and to improve the services of Silicon Studio Corporation
  4. (4)To urge the customer to re-enter his/her password (or to be authenticated again) after the lapse of a certain time from his/her use of the website in order to keep the website secured

Silicon Studio Corporation may store and refer to its cookies through websites of other companies based on the entrustment of its advertisement distribution to websites of other companies.

12.Acquisition and use of attribute information and action history with which individuals are not identified

The specific website of Our Company carries behavior targeting an advertisement (a method to distribute an advertisement to suit the interest of users based on the site browsing information) by using a program provided by an advertisement distributor. In the course of the advertisement, Our Company uses cookies to gather users' information about website visit history (which does not contain any data with which individuals can be identified and recognized).

The advertisement distributor uses the cookies to distribute an advertisement based on the information about the past access to the website of Our Company. Users who desire to invalidate the display of such advertisement may access the opt-out page of the advertisement distributor to invalidate the use of cookies. Change of browser, deletion of cookies, change to a new PC, etc., require re-setting.

Users may choose the setting to prevent the use of Google's cookies on the opt-out page of the advertisement (and may also invalidate the use of cookies by a third-party distributor on the opt-out page of Network Advertising Initiative).

In the case where opt-out is not chosen, the cookies of Google, a third-party distributor, or an advertisement network are likely to be used. Part (not all) of the cookies can be invalidated in bulk on the opt-out website of Network Advertising Initiative.

・The URLs of the opt-out pages are as follows:

Opt-out page of Google:

Opt-out page of Network Advertising Initiative:

13.Change of privacy policy

Our Company will review how the policy applies to the handling of personal information and endeavor to make continuous improvements and may change its policy on an as-needed basis.

Contact point about protection of personal information

For any inquiries related to Our Company’s privacy policy, please contact in writing to the following address:

Legal Department, Corporate Service Division
Silicon Studio Corporation
1-21-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0013