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Head of Office & Fellow, R&D Department,
Technology Business Division
Joined the company in 2005

Dedicated to R&D of middleware such as post effects

Before joining this company, I had been developing graphics engines for Xbox games since 2000. It was my first job in the game industry, although I used to draw pictures and do graphics programming as hobbies earlier. In 2005, I entered Silicon Studio through personal connections. Soon I participated in the development of middleware, such as an effect library, the predecessor of YEBIS, and have been engaged in it since then. In addition to the rarity of post effect middleware itself, YEBIS can work with parameters used 10 years ago without adjustments, regardless of the fact that new functions have been steadily added to YEBIS. Until now, I have pursued how to replicate the real world and always tried to make long standing, universal products with my own passion and attention to detail.

Think for myself about the principles of appearance in the real world.

In the case of graphics engines like the post effect, if you program an image merely based on established rules and principles without consideration for the details or knowledge of how to draw pictures, the resulting image is, more often than not, theoretically correct, but somewhat unnatural. There are many things that actually occur in the real world, but are not described in general textbooks, so when trying to replicate a scene in a movie, if you implement an image by following such textbooks only, the result may become completely different from the movie scene. That’s why I think by myself of the principles of appearance and pay careful attention to the details while examining what the resulting image will look like and what will be different from the real images. Therefore, it is important for graphics engineers to cultivate their observations by regularly looking at a variety of expressions through films and pictures.

In the environment where engineers can receive a fair evaluation

We still have many things that are unachievable with existing hardware. As long as there is something we can do and there is demand for it, I will continue pursuing ways to accomplish it passionately in this field.
Silicon Studio offers an environment where engineers are respected and given due recognition. The company has become quite bigger than it was when I joined, but the employees here still can work with fewer restrictions and try various things more freely than other general companies. From now on as well, together with my colleagues who work enthusiastically while being aware of details and issues, I’d like to create things that are so unique to us that nobody can bring them into being.

* This article has been translated from Japanese.

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