Employee Stories

Executive Director, Sales Department
Joined the company in 2000

Working as sales representative responsible for management strategy

I serve both as general manager of the Sales Department and a board member. Being a sales representative myself with my own budget allows me to work with subordinates as part of a team without standing apart from them. Achieving a goal requires maintaining a proper work environment. I always try to ensure that employees are not overstressed, which includes creating a relaxed workplace and facilitating communication through recreational events, such as going to see a Kabuki play.
As a board member, I am also engaged in developing scenarios for long-term business growth. These days, our achievements in content creation and middleware development are gaining visibility overseas. Ideally, we would like to establish a good reputation abroad with excellent, made-in-Japan technologies and make such a reputation flow back into the domestic market.

Continuing to change and grow as founding member

More than 10 years have passed since the establishment of Silicon Studio. I would not have been a founding member if I had not met Mr. Teruyasu Sekimoto (currently chairman). I was working at the Corporate Strategy Division of SGI Japan, Ltd., when Mr. Sekimoto invited me to be a founding member of Silicon Studio, which was about to be established. Although the company was to start with only 26 employees, I did not hesitate to join. I felt nothing but excitement for the new growth about to start because all members, including the chairman, were high-spirited and determined to carve out a market by themselves. Silicon Studio has undergone dynamic changes in its businesses, including transformation from the hardware to the software business and entry into the game content development market. As the company has grown through these changes, I believe I have grown as well.

Open-minded culture that encourages one to take on challenges

In a word, Silicon Studio is a group of smart, open-minded technology and creative professionals. Not only do our staff members possess high skills, but they share aspirations to achieve challenging goals and treat one another with respect. I only have to create the best environment so as not to slow them down.
If you like helping others and are willing to adjust to changes, you will certainly succeed at Silicon Studio. Let us work together to grow further. We look forward to your joining the company.

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