Employee Stories

Consultant, Sales Department
Joined the company in 2011

Providing originally developed middleware to game companies

I work as sales representative for major game development firms. Our proposal-based sales center on two mainstays: the sales of our original game development middleware such as the OROCHI series, and the commissioned development of systems and content tailored to customers' requirements. In commissioned development projects, I serve as liaison and control project progress from proposing the use of suitable middleware and controlling the development process after winning an order to delivery. Both types of sales do not end in selling but require flexible continuous support, which I believe is where a sales representative can prove his or her worth. I always strive to provide better support to customers in collaboration with engineers so as to win their trust and pave the way for long-term business relationships.

When our middleware helps develop excellent products

I feel a greater sense of accomplishment when the middleware we provided has enabled customers to improve business performance or release excellent products. I sometimes receive words of appreciation from customers saying that our services have helped them create content that users enjoy. Recent years have seen increasing needs for middleware not only in the game industry but also in the television trade due to the growing demand for real-time 3D CG. I hope to see businesses in broad industries adopt our products.

Active interaction among staff members at events and club activities

Apart from work-related communication, there are many occasions to enjoy interaction with other staff members. You will meet colleagues from other departments in quarterly get-together parties. Our annual flower-viewing party is organized on a massive scale, with all employees present from the entire group companies. Club activities are no less brisk. We have a variety of clubs, such as the Trekking Club and the Board Game Club. Costs incurred in club activities are partly borne by the company. Another benefit I appreciate is that I can use gyms free of charge as part of the welfare program. These opportunities to unwind and refresh myself allow me to work enthusiastically.

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