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October 12th, 2017

YEBIS post-effects integrated into groundbreaking racing simulator rFactor2 as part of major graphics upgrade

Tokyo, Japan, (October 12, 2017) – Middleware and game development company, Silicon Studio are excited to announce that physically groundbreaking racing simulator “rFactor2” by Studio 397 (Netherlands) has integrated post-effects system YEBIS, as part of a major graphics upgrade.

YEBIS Advanced Optical Effects Middleware

Since the simulator’s release in 2013, rFactor 2 has been at the forefront of racing and e-sports, recently acting as a major participant in the “McLarens ‘World’s Fastest Gamer” Competition. The popular steam based sim is used by not only racing fans and e-sports events but also by a number racing teams and professional drivers as an active training tool. The game is undergoing a major upgrade from DX9 to DX11 with a number of graphics improvements including YEBIS being implemented.


Although the integration of YEBIS has been completed, currently only a small number of effects such as glare, depth of field have been implemented. Other effects such as additional bokeh, motion blur, etc. are planned to be implemented in waves as various updates. The implemented effects however bring incredible new dynamics to the racing environment for both players and spectators.


The depth of field effect pictured above, whether in the rain or shine allow for a dramatic feel, excellent for replays and wowing spectators.


Various glare effects add a new dimension to lighting and environment realism. Apertures and vignetting add new structure to lights that liven up evening and night drives. Even in VR the impact on the driving experience is recognizable.


Official quote from Studio 397 Managing Director Marcel Offermans:
“Studio 397 developed a brand new, state of the art graphics engine that sports day/night transitions, changing weather conditions as well as a dynamic racing surface with rubber build up and marbles. YEBIS advanced optical effects greatly enhanced the quality and immersion of our graphics. The quality of their library continues to impress us and we will continue to leverage it as we improve our graphics subsystem in the upcoming years.”

Studio 397 has a great reputation working with a variety of racing teams and e-sports events, such as the recent World’s Fastest Gamer, Silicon Studio is happy to be assisting soon in its outreach to the racing teams of Asia.


YEBIS is the advanced optical effects middleware from Silicon Studio that accurately delivers camera lenses effects such as bokeh, depth of field and glare. YEBIS simulates an actual camera lens to recreate the most realistic and accurate optical effects.

YEBIS is available for the following platforms:
Nintendo Switch™、PlayStation®4、PlayStation®3、PlayStation®Vita、Xbox One、Xbox360®、Windows®(DirectX 9/10/11)、iOS、Android

YEBIS Official Website:

About Studio 397

Studio 397 is based in the Netherlands and has a global team of developers and artists building the rFactor 2 title. Our mission is to create the most realistic, accurate and engaging sim racing platform to date, through advanced physics, new graphics engine and competition infrastructure. rFactor 2 was originally developed by racing game pioneers Image Space Inc. who led the way in terms of physics and features.

About "rFactor2"

Publisher Studio 397
Developer Studio 397
Supported Platforms Windows PC®/STEAM™ (Global)
Genre Motorsport racing
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About Silicon Studio

Silicon Studio is a Japan-based game engine and middleware company providing quality rendering, optical effects, and post-effects solutions for game development. Silicon Studio also publishes games across mobile, PC and consoles, and develops games for third parties.

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