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February 28th, 2019

Silicon Studio and group company Ilinx support development of Square Enix’s new title “LEFT ALIVE” and provide game engine “OROCHI 4” with rendering engine “Mizuchi”

Tokyo, Japan, (Feb. 28, 2019) – Middleware technology and game development company, Silicon Studio Corporation is pleased to announce they, along with its group company Ilinx, have supported development of the brand-new survival action game “LEFT ALIVE™” from Square Enix® Co., Ltd.. Silicon Studio provided their game engine “OROCHI 4”, real-time rendering engine “Mizuchi” and optical post-effects “YEBIS”, an integrated functionality of “Mizuchi”, for the game’s core development technology.


"LEFT ALIVE" is a survival action game released on PlayStation® 4 on February 28th, 2019 in Japan and will be released on March 5th worldwide, and on PC (Steam®) on March 6, 2019 in Japan and March 5th worldwide.

The combination of Silicon Studio's all-in-one Japanese domestic game engine "OROCHI 4" and realistic real-time rendering engine "Mizuchi” supplied the power to create graphics that beautifully represent the devastated landscape and atmosphere that is key to the world of "LEFT ALIVE".

Official comment from Square Enix:

Suddenly caught up in an outbreaking war, each of the three isolated heroes must escape from battlefields full of enemies...
"LEFT ALIVE" is an action game set in a town engulfed involved in war and is a constant state of tension.
By adopting "OROCHI" and "Mizuchi", we were able to express destroyed cities and event scenes more realistically. Also, with consistent high-quality support, development was able to proceed smoothly.
To all "LEFT ALIVE" players, I definitely want you to survive this battlefield and learn the truth of war.

Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Third Business Division
LEFT ALIVE Project Manager, Koichiro Sakamoto

“LEFT ALIVE” Screenshots



Publisher Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Platform Playstation®4, PC (Steam®)
Genre Survival Action
Release Dates Playstation®4: February 28th, 2019 (Japan)
March 5th, 2019 (Worldwide)
PC (Steam®): March 6th, 2019 (Japan)
March 5th, 2019 (Worldwide) Japan: PlayStation®4 December 13th, 2018
Worldwide: PlayStation®4 / PC (Steam®) February 8th, 2019
Copyright ©2019 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

About “YEBIS”

"YEBIS" enables various advanced optical expressions such as glare, depth of field, motion blur, lens optical effects, film / photosensitive effects, color correction, anti-aliasing, etc. in 3D / 2D graphic environments. The latest updates allow for reproduction the unprecedented photographic blur effects by accurately simulating the correction of aperture opening and closing and lens aberration. In addition to the combination of circular apertures and the number of blades, it is possible to express realistic blur flavor with various features such as different color fringes before and after focus, depending on the lens configuration. YEBIS simulates an actual camera lens to recreate the most realistic and accurate optical effects.

YEBIS is available for the following platforms:
Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox One, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (DirectX 9/10/11, OpenGL), Android, iOS and other embedded devices

About “OROCHI 4”

All-in-One game engine “OROCHI” consists of thirteen libraries including for graphics, physics and AI and more than forty development tools. It boasts of its flexible design features to allow trial and errors as well as project-oriented customization along with thorough support by Japanese engineers. Post effect middleware “YEBIS” is bundled by default. Your game development tasks can be more speedy and effectively. “OROCHI 4” uses “Mizuchi extension” for rendering to implement its renowned world’s best class graphical quality.
“OROCHI 4” is only available to the Japanese domestic market.

OROCHI is available for the following platforms:
Nintendo Switch™, Playstation®4, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox One, Arcade Game, PC (Windows)

About “Mizuchi”

Mizuchi is a rendering engine based on the principles of physically-based rendering (PBR). Mizuchi's strength lies in its overwhelming texture representation that is possible by the handling of accurate light reflection in real-time and can express various materials such as metal, wood and glass with hyper-realistic textures. Its flexible design and can be used for content creation such as video games, video production, manufacturing, automobiles, product, architectural visualization, etc. Post-effect middleware "YEBIS " is embedded in Mizuchi and enables advanced optical representation.

About Silicon Studio Corporation

Silicon Studio, a Japan-based game engine and middleware company, develops and provides advanced technologies such as "YEBIS” post effects, "Enlighten" real-time global illumination, and "Mizuchi" real-time rendering to major game and entertainment production studios worldwide. These technologies have helped to bring high quality graphics to a large number of successful AAA titles.

* YEBIS, Mizuchi and OROCHI are trademarks or registered trademarks of Silicon Studio Corporation.

* "PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

* All other names and trademarks mentioned are the registered trademarks and property of the respective companies.

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