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June 21st, 2017

Silicon Studio announces “Enlighten” global illumination technology now available for “Nintendo Switch” development

Tokyo, Japan, (June 21, 2017) – Continuing their support of the “Nintendo Switch™” development environment, middleware technology and game development company, Silicon Studio Corporation are pleased to announce the official release of a new version of the global illumination technology “Enlighten” optimized for the Nintendo Switch game console, from Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Silicon Studio シリコンスタジオ

Global illumination (indirect lighting expression) calculates how light is reflected and absorbed by the objects and materials in the scene. By adding light reflection effects, artists can illuminate a scene with a few light sources and bring unparalleled sense of unity and accurately represent delicate details. Implementation of “Enlighten” can allow artists to take total control over both subtle and dynamic lighting to fluidly create breathtaking visuals.

About Enlighten

"Enlighten" is a high quality real-time global illumination (indirect light expression) technology used for the game, movie, real estate and product visualization industries. The technology can efficiently calculate a large amount of mathematical processes which are an important task in real-time global illumination to generate and maintain beautiful high-quality images through the usage of light maps, spherical harmonic probes, and reflection captures.

Enlighten is available for the following platforms:
Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita, PC Games for Windows®, Apple® Mac OS, Linux, Android™ (& 64-bit), iOS (& 64-bit)

About Silicon Studio

Silicon Studio is a Japan-based game engine and middleware company providing quality rendering, optical effects, and post-effects solutions for game development. Silicon Studio also publishes games across mobile, PC and consoles, and develops games for third parties.

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