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Silicon Studio acquires licensed rights from Geomerics (A wholly owned subsidiary of ARM) to license, develop, and provide support worldwide of "Enlighten" the industry's highest quality real-time global illumination software

Tokyo, Japan, (May 22, 2017) – Middleware and game development company, Silicon Studio Corporation are pleased to announce they have signed an agreement with Geomerics Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of ARM Ltd.) granting worldwide software licensing sales, development and support rights for the industry's highest quality real-time global illumination "Enlighten".

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Silicon Studio states that they are looking forward to not only licensing "Enlighten" to developers worldwide, but also providing support and continue developing the technology further.

In addition to promoting and developing “Enlighten”, they also announced the planned usage of the technology to further enhance existing and in-development Silicon Studio products to create pioneering 3D visualization solutions. Working with Geomeric's overseas customer base, Silicon Studio plans to further accelerate sales of "Enlighten" and its own middleware and game engine technologies.

Geomerics Ltd. based in the UK, is a middleware development company engaged in developing "Enlighten", a high quality real-time global illumination (indirect light expression) technology used for the game, movie, real estate and product visualization industries. "Enlighten" is a technology that can efficiently calculate a large amount of mathematical processes which are an important task in real-time global illumination to generate and maintain beautiful high-quality images.

Global illumination (indirect lighting expression) calculates how light is reflected and absorbed by the objects and materials in the scene. By adding light reflection effects, artists can illuminate a scene with a few light sources and bring unparalleled sence of unity and accurately represent delicate details.

"Enlighten" can calculate the effect of global illumination in real time, update illumination in milliseconds, move and update lights, materials, and objects at run time. The runtime function is operable in both the editor and in-game, and is available for almost all game and consumer devices.

The technology is designed to interact smoothly with the developer's graphic pipeline, calculating industry standard outputs, such as directional light maps, spherical harmonic probes, and reflective capture. These effects are combined with the state-of-the-art Relighting model of shading to illuminate generated worlds with incomparable quality.

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