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February 27, 2014

YEBIS 2 Optics post effect middleware

Overview of Silicon Studio's participation at GDC 2014 The playable exhibition of “Gunslinger Stratos 2” as a demo of YEBIS 2!

Tokyo, Japan – February 27, 2014 – Silicon Studio, a high end middleware provider, is proud to announce that they will be showcasing their development tools at this year’s Game Development Conference, from March 17-21.

Located in the South Hall at booth #1335, we will exhibit the middleware product YEBIS 2 that we have launched globally. Developers and media will have the opportunity to witness the latest Silicon Studio technology demos and experience Square Enix's new arcade game "Gunslinger Stratos 2" that is scheduled to release from February 2014 as a case of study featuring YEBIS 2 optical effects.


A nexus of real-time post processing effects, YEBIS 2 is advanced middleware with physically based optics simulation. It provides various high-quality lens effects, such as Glare, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Lens Distortion, Film/Photo galvanic Effect, Color Correction, Anti-Aliasing and more designed for both current and next-gen development.

Platforms: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox One, Xbox360®, Windows®DirectX 9/10/11
Platforms will be supported soon: Wii U™, iPhone/iPad, Android

More information, footage, and screenshots on YEBIS 2 can be found here:


"Gunslinger Stratos 2"
Genre: Online multiplayer double-gun action game
Platform: Arcade game
Release date: February 20, 2014
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Official website:

© 2012, 2014 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
"Gunslinger Stratos 2" is a product for the Japanese market.

Endorsements from Square Enix

“We like to congratulate the YEBIS 2 team as exhibitors to GDC 2014,” stated Nobuaki Kadoi, Producer of the Business DivisionⅦ for Square Enix Co., Ltd. “Through the power of YEBIS 2, we are able to provide a greater sense of reality in the a dark, cinematic atmosphere of Gunslinger Stratos 2. Game players will be truly immersed into the movie-like experience of the game. We appreciate the opportunity in showcasing the playable exhibition of Gunslinger Stratos 2 at Silicon Studio’s GDC booth and look forward to more innovations with YEBIS 2.”

“We are excited to see the outstanding technology at Silicon Studio’s exhibition booth at GDC 2014,” says Tomoya Asano, Producer of the Business Division Ⅵ for Square Enix Co., Ltd. “Having developed Bravely Default in partnership with Silicon Studio, we can see the evidence of how innovative YEBIS 2 can be to developers globally. Square Enix is happy to welcome Silicon Studio to exhibit at the Game Developers Conference 2014.”

Silicon Studio’s GDC Party

For interaction with customers and Silicon Studio, a casual party will be held on March 19 at Press Club near the GDC venue. It is free of charge with the invitation card that will be handed out at Silicon Studio GDC booth.

Party Details
Free Food and Drink
Please bring the invitation card along with your business card.
Date & Time: Wednesday March 19th, 2014 7pm - 10pm
Location: Press Club West Tasting Bay
Ad: 20 Yerba Buena Lane
Ph: 415.744.5000

Exhibition Details

GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference 2014)
March 17th – 21st 2014 (exhibiting March 19th – 21st)
The Moscone Center
747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, U.S.A.
Booth #1335


Established in 2000, Silicon Studio© is an international company based in Tokyo, Japan, that delivers leading innovation in digital entertainment technology and content. Silicon Studio provides cutting-edge solutions in rendering technology, research and development methods, game content, post processing effects and online game solutions.

From fundamental development to integration and implementation, Silicon Studio provides seamless support to all aspects of a client’s digital content needs and contributing to their success in creating groundbreaking and award winning interactive entertainment for current and next generation platforms.

YEBIS is a trademark of Silicon Studio Corporation.

The other company and product names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners and are used for the benefit of those owners.

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