Mizuchi can be used in a wide range of fields, such as games, video production, and visualizations.
High-end 3D game development

Integrate Mizuchi into your game engine and work flows, and start utilizing powerful physcially based rendering to develop photorealistic quality 3D games.

High-end 3D game development
3D character based interactive content development

Visualize characters in dazzling lifelike quality. Realistically express various character building based materials (skin, hair, eye, mouth, teeth, etc.), and watch your creations come alive as they are generated in real-time. Not only the characters themselves but also intricate cloth for clothing, and an array of materials (metal, glass, etc.) to create accessories can be expressed with beautiful high quality results.

Real-time VR content development

Using Mizuchi's authoring tools, develop real-time VR contents for various virtual reality head mount displays and devices. Mizuchi's high speed performance real-time rendering also allows you to create VR content with high levels of interactivity.

Automotive visualization

By incorporating data created with digital prototype tools such as VRED into Mizuchi, you can develop car models and data to produce various content, such as CG materials (images, video, etc.) for advertising and develop entertaining and informative applications. Real-time rendering also allows for comfortable design adjustment.

Architectural visualization

Utilizing Mizuchi's ability to render various textures in high quality, you can create interactive CG contents that faithfully reproduce various materials used in the design and construction of buildings, interior and exterior.

For example, Mizuchi can be used to develop virtual model rooms where you can customize or change various design material, such as wallpaper and flooring, in real-time.

Real-time rendered video production

Since Mizuchi combines the high working efficiency of real-time rendering and high-end pre-rendered image quality, in addition to interactive content such as games, Mizuchi is also an excellent option for video production.

For example, by incorporating Mizuchi into your CG video production process you can dramatically improve your working efficiency for usually heavily-time consuming procedures such as generating previews, allowing more time to be freed up and allocated to the look and feel of your content.

Rendering Engine Mizuchi Tech Demo – "Museum"

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