Feb 28, 2019
News Releases
Silicon Studio and group company Ilinx support development of Square Enix’s new title “LEFT ALIVE” and provide game engine “OROCHI 4” with rendering engine “Mizuchi”
Feb 21, 2017
News Releases
Silicon Studio "GDC2017" Game engine Xenko to announce official release, Special co-promotion with MSI (Japan) and PearlAbyss Corp. (S. Korea) for YEBIS
Sep 13, 2016
News Releases
Tokyo Game Show 2016, Silicon Studio to exhibit latest version of "Mizuchi" tech demo "YURI", and playable demo of "Square Enix Co., Ltd." title "Figureheads" highlighting usage of "YEBIS" post-effects
Apr 14, 2016
News Releases
Silicon Studio accelerating efforts into VR tech development for a variety of industries: Architecture, construction, automotive, games, and video production ~Tech demos to debut at various events held in 2016~
Mar 4, 2016
News Releases
Silicon Studio "GDC2016"
Skin rendering demo for "Mizuchi" rendering engine,New product "YEBIS for Maya", C# game engine "Xenko"
Feb 9, 2015
Silicon Studios to show off new ‘Mizuchi’ game engine at GDC
Feb 7, 2015
Dual Shockers
Silicon Studio’s Advanced Engine “Mizuchi” Will be Shown on PS4 For the First Time at GDC
Feb 2, 2015
News Releases
Silicon Studio to Showcase New “Mizuchi” Rendering Engine Tools for the First Time at GDC 2015
Dec 11, 2014
Dual Shockers
Silicon Studio’s New Engine Already Runs on PS4 at 30 FPS in 1080p, and It Looks Fantastic
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