With Mizuchi, build an efficient workflow for parallel working
Workflow with Mizuchi Extension

These days, more developers use game engines for their product design or video production workflows.
When you use game engines workflows, you create model data by utilizing DCC tools. The data is then uploaded into the game engines as 3D data formats, and then you adjust textures using the engine’s editors. The basic appearance of images needs first to be checked at the DCC tool stage, after which textures and lighting are usually checked separately within the engine.
Later if you want to change the shape of an image with DCC tools, it is necessary to take the data from the engine and go back to the DCC tool, repeat the design process form the start.
By adopting the Mizuchi Extension (ME), all tasks can be accomplished within the DCC tool where you can confirm lighting, textures, and other functions without needing to switch tools.
Contents created with the ME, can be used for a variety of projects including game production, industrial applications, VR contents and video production. The reusability of the contents and tools can improve productivity greatly.

Workflow with Mizuchi Extension Workflow with Mizuchi Extension
Parallel working toward further efficiency

With the ME workflow, you can check the final appearance for each part/area while working in parallel on other tasks, which could reduce final layout costs as well as total man-hours. Other staff’s data can be loaded into your data as an external reference even both data sets are still not complete.
In production workflows which adopt game engines or other tools, sometimes you need to finish working on modeling, materials and lighting by using only background scenes. When characters and objects are completed, you load them back into the background scenes to readjust them. By utilizing ME, they can be loaded into background scenes after adding textures to the characters/ objects, thus reducing the cost of readjustment.

Parallel working toward further efficiency
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