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What is Enlighten?
Enlighten is the industry’s most advanced dynamic lighting solution. It lets you create and manipulate global illumination in real time.
How does Enlighten work?
Enlighten updates global illumination instantly when you move lights and change materials. To make this possible, Enlighten precomputes occlusion information for your world.
Why is global illumination important?
Global illumination adds a degree of realism that enables cinematic quality lighting – just place a few light sources and realistic fill lighting is simulated automatically.
Why is dynamic lighting important?
Dynamic lighting allows you to create compelling gameplay in ways never before possible, giving full lighting control to the player and enabling interactive and immersive experiences, for example dynamic time of day, destruction and portable light sources.
What games use Enlighten?
Enlighten is used in RiME (Nintendo Switch™)and multiple AAA titles.
What art styles are possible with Enlighten?
Enlighten lets you achieve everything from photorealism to cell-shading.
Does Enlighten support large worlds?
Yes. You can light any spaces of any size, even huge open worlds with long draw distances.
What platforms does Enlighten support?
[Enlighten for Unreal Engine 4] Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android™, iOS
[Enlighten SDK] Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android™, iOS, HTC, Oculus, PSVR
In what forms is Enlighten available?
Enlighten is available as a stand-alone SDK or integrated into Unreal Engine 4. Enlighten is built in to Unity 5.
What are the workflow benefits to using Enlighten?
Enlighten continuously updates global illumination both in game and in the editor. This instant feedback enables you to light a scene in seconds and removes the need for a lengthy bake after each iteration.
Can I still bake out lighting?
Yes, the option to fully or partially bake lighting is available.
How does Enlighten fit into my rendering pipeline?
Enlighten takes your game’s direct lighting, static geometry, and material colors as input, and outputs indirect lighting to textures which are simple to use with any renderer.
What runtime overhead does Enlighten add?
Enlighten requires almost zero GPU time. The Enlighten update runs on a background CPU thread and doesn’t affect the framerate. The indirect lighting refreshes as frequently as possible within the time budget you specify. Because it isn’t necessary for indirect lighting to update each frame, this doesn’t affect the final quality.
Does Enlighten support advanced material properties?
Yes. Enlighten simulates diffuse bounce, transmission and emission of light, which you can control with material properties. See our gallery to see these effects in action.
Does Enlighten support VR?
Yes. Enlighten runs asynchronously on the CPU, making it perfect for VR, where the GPU is usually the bottleneck.
How can I get hold of or find out more about Enlighten?
Please contact us by clicking here if you are interested in a free trial or if you have any questions related to Enlighten. We’d love to answer them.

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