Enlighten, Unreal Engine version 4.23 and tutorial video release

October 15th, 2019

The Enlighten global illumination team has released the newest version for Unreal Engine version 4.23 and it is now available for developers and evaluation.
Being a minor upgrade compared to the preceding 4.22 update the Enlighten team has prioritized a speedy working release for this version without the inclusion of any new features at this point.

We are releasing on YouTube the first in a series of tutorial videos that show how to use Enlighten in UE4. The first set will be based on the beginner tutorials in the documentation, and will thereafter be followed by various subject tutorials such as lightmap optimization, proper probe usage, and other more direct points. We hope through these videos to provide more transparency and awareness of the usage and benefits of Enlighten.

To view the tutorials please follow the link below:

For further information about Enlighten for Unreal Engine version 4.23 update, please check the release notes found in the Enlighten online documentation.

Thank you,

The Enlighten Team

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