YEBIS Optic Based Post-Processing


Color Grading

The monotone, sepia tone and saturation (etc.) of rendering effects can be changed in real-time.

From adjusting for image tone, to adjusting for dramatic effect, all color adjustment is in real-time.


Color Grading

Color adjustment is commonly used for images taken with a camera. For example, making the adjustments basic to movie or other photography, adjusting lighting based on experience and theory, and altering makeup, can all be done before attempting to capture the desired image. However, even photography where such care has been taken beforehand may require subsequent adjustments (i.e. Color Adjustment) during editing and mastering in order to obtain the desired effect. For war movies, saturation levels may be lowered and for nature movies, basic colors may be enhanced, in order to create more memorable color tones.

Real-time graphics are similar to movies, so color adjustment is frequently desirable. In real-time graphics, images can be freely re-rendered based on lighting conditions or material changes, so that unlimited opportunities are available (i.e. re-takes as in camera photography). It is therefore possible to consider not only changing color, but also changing the conditions through re-rendering. Re-rendering requires actions such as resetting the position of the light source, fixing the shader plan or redrawing textures, all processes which reduce efficiency. If the reason for adjusting colors is to arrive at the final appearance, applying post-effect color changes to the rendering effects is a more effective method.

With YEBIS, color parameters can be changed on the rendered image for general options such as tint, color thickness, contrast, brightness, color temperature and gamma curve. YEBIS comes preset with options such as sepia tone, commonly used in flashback scenes and other special color adjustments commonly used in game graphics.

With YEBIS, the game program can be set up to make changes to tone adjustment parameters. It is therefore possible to use Color Adjustment as a dramatic effect that responds to changes in the story in real-time, and reduce color saturation in the field of view in the event of damage.

Free Trial Version
Download the YEBIS Free Trial Version

The only currently downloadable platform is for Windows PC.

System Requirements

OS Windows 7 or later
Compiler Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Compatible with DX SDK Since June 2010
Compatible hardware DirectX 10 or later

Update Notes

May 29, 2015
- “Natural Bone” : The effect parameters tweaking demo added.
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