YEBIS OpenGL ES 3.0 Tech Demo

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This is the YEBIS 2 technical demonstration application supporting 3D graphics API “OpenGL ES 3.0” for the Android 4.3 YEBIS 2 post-processing effect arranges real-time images delivering more realistic and beautiful visuals.

High-definition post-effects are equipped with this application by GLES 3.0 version for YEBIS 2 that were not enabled in GLES 2.0. It brings next-gen quality graphics to the mobile environment. Please experience the high expression of beautiful 3D visuals for yourself.

Screen Shots


OS Android 4.3 or later
Operability confirmed devices Nexus4、Nexus5、Nexus7、Xperia Z Ultra、HTC One max、HTC One

Download Tech Demo App for free!