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Silicon Studio Analytics diagnoses various customer’data to discover challenges in their business and propose the most appropriate solution.



Silicon Studio Analytics diagnoses various customer data to discover challenges in their business and offer solutions in many varied fields of business. We offer machine learning, deep learning and many other advanced analysis services to help our customers more accurately understand the status of and challenges in their business and contents.
Introducing improvement plans based on these analytical reports can help customers to increase sales, reduce costs and even improve KPI values.
We also support customer’s initial preparation for data analysis through services such as selecting log data to collect or building servers. Silicon Studio Analytics can also offer its services to customers who do not have a significant amount of data collected, which is one of our service’s biggest advantages.


Data Collection

We prepare useful big data analysis for customers from data selected for analysis and/or building servers to accumulate data.

Market Research

Our data analysis and market research surveys can be applied to any form of business. Specializing in the smartphone app, social game and healthcare fields, we have made many achievements and accumulated knowledge allowing us to offer cutting-edge information and statistical analysis services to our customers.


Our data scientists utilize various kinds of analytical technologies such as multivariate analysis, machine learning and deep learning to analyze our customer’s submitted data.
Based on the results of these analyses, we offer consulting services to help identify weak points in your business and/or develop strategies to increase sales/profits. In addition, we can provide customers with our BI (Business Intelligence) tool allowing anyone to access and utilize intelligible data visualizations anytime.

Our Strengths

Silicon Studio Analytics aims to offer our customers “proposals” for the improvement of their business based on our data analysis, rather than simply submitting analysis results like most conventional services.
One of our goals is to build an environment where anyone can make a business decision anytime by reviewing our data analysis results. We accomplish this by offering our own KPI tools and aggressively developing tools tailored to each customer’s needs.


(Analyzing smart phone game application programs)


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