Employee Stories

Y. T.
Technology Department,
Technology Business Division
Joined the company in 2016

Developing middleware editors for major video game companies

I am in charge of middleware (game engine) editor development for consumer game appliances.
I finished a game creation technical school in 2016, and then joined Silicon Studio as a new graduate and challenged many tasks. My first task was research and developments to reproduce handwriting-like CG by real-time rendering, then I developed VR application programs for a major enterprise by using "Mizuchi” as well as all-purpose chart editor to be used for game creation. I was involved in different types of projects by utilizing wide range of tools and technologies.
I worked on those projects by learning new and/or main stream approaches/technologies which I never knew, which fostered my ongoing career development.

Impressed by extremely high level “Mizuchi” demonstration

When I was a student, I enjoyed creating games. A game programmer was a career I wanted to pursue. However, I gradually found stronger interest in upper processes including preparing background to run games or setting up environments for other team members to work more efficiently after I got used to game creation projects.
At that timing, I happened to have a chance to watch "Mizuchi” demonstration. I could not believe it wasn’t real but computer graphics. It was a truly shocking moment.
I decided to join Silicon Studio because this company has proven technology skills for back-end development, and so I thought I could improve my professional skills through on-the-job training.

Employee-friendly working environment, every team member’s ideas are valued.

This is something that impressed me the most when I joined: You are not micro-managed in your day-to-day tasks but you have a certain liberty on how to organize your work while your boss and your team members give you advices on how to reach your goals. Your boss talks to you, let you try what you want and gives you his/her feedback to navigate you to your goal. You can always raise your hand and share your thoughts in this employee-friendly environment. Silicon Studio adopts flex time system for engineers, so you can work on your own pace which meets my style. I am aiming to lead my own project like a senior member who is my role model in near future.

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