Employee Stories

Leader, Creator Agent Business Department
Joined the company in 2011

Words of trust from client companies serving as a source of encouragement

Being engaged in staffing services called Creator Agent, I serve as mediator between people with creative skills, such as CG designers and illustrators, and businesses that need such individuals as a powerful asset. Specifically, the services include provision of employment ads specialized for creators, employment agency services, and temporary staffing services. Our strength lies in the strong trusting relationship with the game design industry. The quality we aim for is best captured by the words of one of our clients: "You can't go wrong with the people introduced by Silicon Studio." I hope we can continue to provide services that satisfy users and build trust with client companies.

Solving issues of personnel employment jointly with businesses

In carrying out our work, we first interview client companies and share the employment issues they face across the company. We then discuss with clients how to solve these issues using our temporary staffing and employment agency services. To identify client needs, it is necessary to interview not only HR managers but also field staff. Many of these on-site staff members use our products, and some have even previously worked with our development team. With the name of Silicon Studio recognized by many, we have little trouble talking with them. I am sure clients also feel our broad industry knowledge. A host of highly specialized individuals on our list of candidates gives me confidence in submitting proposals.

While the scale of our staffing services business is not very large right now, we always think about ways to expand the business, such as handling additional job categories. I hope to improve the business to win even greater trust from clients.

Freedom to plan your work schedule to block out the time to spend with your family

I worked for another employment agency before joining the company. I was wishing to increase the time with my family following the birth of our daughter when I found Silicon Studio and decided to change my employer. Silicon Studio is a lean, efficient company with an open-minded atmosphere. While being assigned greater responsibilities and expected to achieve higher goals, each member has the discretion to plan his or her work schedule. You can take paid leave without difficulty, and above all, you will find your colleagues inspiring to work with. I will continue to carry out work efficiently while helping and being helped by other members and try to further increase the time spent with my family.

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